Dr. Adam Back shares his life of hacks

It’s been a life of hacks for Dr. Adam Back, the CEO and co-founder of Blockstream. One of the few people quoted on the Bitcoin Whitepaper, hacking highlights of Back’s life are brought to life in the latest animated Crypto Story from Cointelegraph’s video team.  Over a game of Jenga in a park, Back told … Read more

Hal Finney’s wife resumes activity on Bitcoin pioneer’s Twitter account to avoid potential purge

Fran Finney, the wife of computer scientist Hal Finney — the recipient of the first transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain from Satoshi Nakamoto — reactivated her late husband’s Twitter account amid concerns Twitter CEO Elon Musk might purge the content from the social media platform due to inactivity. Many Crypto Twitter users reported on Dec. … Read more