avoid spam as much as possible

avoid spam as much as possible

Gmail users should follow these 5 'smart' tips in 2023

This year is going to end in a few days. Today we are going to give you some information related to email inbox. If you’re looking to become digitally de-cluttered, Google has five tips for Gmail users that you can use to avoid spam in a big way.

avoid spam as much as possible

Google says AI Smart Gmail automatically keeps your inbox clear of spam and unwanted emails. However if a message pops up that makes it past the filter, you can report it as spam by checking the box beside your message.

Don’t store email in bulk

There may be a lot of emails that don’t really require any action from you. In this case, use the archive feature. On desktop, find the sender’s email address, then check the box under the “Sender” search filter in the top left of your computer screen. You can check that box to select all emails. Once you’ve done that, click Store to remove them from your inbox without deleting them completely.

press mute button

Email threads can get a little taxing and here you can mute the thread so you don’t see every update pop into your inbox, and instead, these emails are sent to the “All Mail” label. On desktop, check the status box to the left of your message in your inbox, click the three-dot menu near the top of the page, and select Mute. Emails will be ready for you to read later when you search for them or go to your “All Mail” label, but you won’t see each update at the top of your inbox.

use the ‘plus’ sign

Did you know that you can sign up with a simple plus sign using different variations of your email address? For example, if you signed up for that gym membership with youemailaddress+gym@gmail.com, you can set up a label or filter to designate email as coming from your gym.

protect google account

Google says that users should protect their entire Google account by taking Security Checkup and Privacy Checkup. Once done, enable 2-Step Verification by choosing a secure password so that it can be recovered in case the password is forgotten or the account is hacked.

That includes your email inbox. In case you are looking to digitally declutter, Google has five tips for Gmail users:


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